About us

Years of experience

Soft Living Interiors is a 3D visualization and interior design studio established in Zagreb after amassing years of experience designing and planning building interiors and exteriors in Croatia and abroad. Studio was established in 2020.

By applying our expertise in all aspects of designing and personal participation in every project, we offer creative and original solutions so both client and us is satisfied with the results. Using urban enviroments, local culture and sustainable development as our guides, we use the newest technologies that enable us the best and most precise project management, aswell as realisation of ideas.

Our services include planning/designing interiors and exteriors, preparing technical documentation, 3D visualizations, virtual walks and similar all while every part of the job is backed with the expertise of our team.

We’re looking forward to working together!

Our team

Ana Jelić

Designer / CAD Specialist

Oliver Krivić

3D Artist

close associates

Heidi Krivić



Our living space is a reflection of who we are, that makes it our mission to create spaces that, as much as it is possible, reflect the individuals who reside in them.  


In these times of global warming and worldwide pollution we strive to raise awareness about urban enviroments, natural materials and sustainable development, and while doing so become a recognizable brand in the domain of interior design.

Core values